Hello, friends welcome to on our blog on puraadigital. If you are reading my blog right now so I am sure you definitely want to earn money from blogging and you want to how to earn online from home. In today’s time, it has become very easy to earn money online and many people are earning 7 figure number sitting at home.

How to earn money from blogging

So do not worry I will tell you how to earn money from online in seven easy way. I am sure you will be very curious to know the best seven-way which I tell you. 

I want to share you my own blogging story when I started my blogging on 1 march 2019 then I do not know how to earn money through the internet but I watch so many videos reading the blog and I saw many people are earning too much money from online with live proof and now I am also earning online money through internet. I know it takes time 2 to 3 months after three months I got my first payment from google $142 Rs that day I was very happy that is my simple blogging story.

 You can also earn money from online it is not a big deal. Read my blog definitely you will get one idea from here and when you apply one idea you can earn money.

Let’s Start our 7 Way to earn money from online

Why You Should Start Blogging?

Well we are talking about here why we should start our side income because everybody wants money without money you are zero does not matter you are child and job person or student. Everybody needs money. you can see in the newspaper and news channel. Everbody fight for money brother to brother and also son and father they are Fighting among themselves.

So that is the reason you need to side income because nowadays you can not run your family only the salary bases. In the one family has too many expenses like child school fees medical bills, home rent, conveniences. if you want to give all the happiness to your family so you should have some side income. I am not telling you should start blogging but apart from this, you have many ways by which you can make money.

But Blogging is the best way to make money and apart from this, you can get name and face with money with blogging. That’s the reason I am telling to you should start blogging. In blogging, you can earn unlimited money with part-time work and no need to go anywhere just you need a computer/laptop and one internet connection or start with your passion. With the blog, you can earn in multiple ways it is very simple so many bloggers are making $1000 to $5000 in a month they are doing only part-time income. If you want to do it full time when you feel you are getting the good income you want to increase your scale so you need to full-time work on the blog

I am giving you some best ways to earn money from your blogging. I am sure you will use all the things if you want to increase your income.

When you start a blog then you learn some Advance SEO techniques click here and learn how may type of SEO

How to Earn Money from Blogging 2019

Well There are 100+ ways to make money from blogging, but here I will just tell you about the methods which is actually earning more and which I have used. which way I will tell you most of the blogger are also using the techniques and they are getting money from online.

1. Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content

Content writing is a tried and true way for all types of brands to earn more money for blogging. I have used it and you can double your earning using sponsored content on your website but the first of all you should have lots of traffic on your website then you can get sponsored content.

for the example, if somebody has a monthly 1 lakh visitor on the website then they can charge 100 dollars for the sponsored content. It’s mean if you get monthly 10 sponsored post then you will earn 1000 dollar only using sponsored content. It will increase your earning that’s a good way.

However, it is difficult to find sponsored blog content every month. Yes, if your website is popular and it has millions of traffic, then you will get many such offers.

What is sponsored content? When a company pays you money to write posts about its product, service or brand, it is called sponsored content.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from online because so many bloggers are too much money with the product affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing  

Affiliate marketing is the process of making income whenever you sleeping or outing at any time. you promote someone else’s products and services. If you generate a sale for the company, you get a commission from the company. If you don’t generate a sale, you do not get paid.

There are so many companies that pay a fixed payment/commission to write a promotion article about their product, service, brand or product. if you sell their service and product you can earn handsome income through affiliate

For example, if a company is selling its product for $ 99, it provides 10%, 20% or 30% commission to bloggers to promote or sell it. it is a depend on upon a product category how much you will get a commission

You can start promoting affiliate products and making payments by joining affiliate programs of companies related to the product from the topic of your blog.

In addition to them, this happens in some companies, which not only offer a commission to promote their product but also for every time a customer pays a commission.

For example, if you use Semrush in an affiliate program and a user buys the Semrush $ 99 plan through your referral link.

So you will get a 40 percent commission on that. Not only once, but you will also get a commission as often as the customer renews the plan.

3. Google Adsense 

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an excellent Ad Network whose parent company is “Google”. It helps us earn money from our blog. Its main job is to show Ad on Blogs with high-quality content and more traffic and deduct its share from the profits from it and provide it to the blog/website owner whose revenue has been received from the ad on the blog. 

It pays to Blogger according to CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and CPI (Cost-Per-Impression). Through this, Google posts Ad on a blog keeping in mind the Content, User Location, and many other factors. These ads are in the form of Text, Image, Video or Interactive Media Contents.

So many bloggers are making money through Google Adsense. Who doesn’t know about affiliate marketing? In the India lots of blogger, they are using only single way to earn money plate form and they do not know other earning source they only depend on Google Adsense

Ad placement is the best way to keep earning continuously from blogging. Best of all, for this, you do not need to find related products from your blog content. you need to just place ads on your website and blogs and start earning 

Google automatically shows ads related to your blog content on your blog and you earn when a user clicks on it. but you need to lots of traffic on your website

However, this earning starts at $ 0.05 per click. But it is better in case of the continuously paid post or not getting your product.

Google Adsense is also my earning source 

Read here Latest Google Adsense Approval Tricks check here you need it when you submit your website in Google Adsense for the ads

4. E-book Selling Online

E-book Selling Online

Selling your e-book on your blog is also a good way to earn money. How much money you will earn in this way depends on your blog brand. If your blog niche is software and technical blog so definitely you can sell software e-book and SEO tool e-book on your blog and this best way to make money from your blog and also you can sell someone else’s e-book on your blog after that you can charge from them for the marketing their product and selling 

It only depends on the popularity of your blog and the demands of your content or getting monthly traffic to your blog. Suppose if you also keep the price of your e-book at $ 29 and you get 20-30 sells every month, then you can earn $ 600 + per month in this way. you can not imagine so many bloggers are earning 1000 dollar per month 

If you like this method then you now need to know how you can create an attractive e-book, what kind of images and content do you have to use in an ebook?

This is a great way to earn money separately from blogging. You must try it once and I am going to start selling the ebook because I have not sold a single ebook so far.

5. Sell Online Courses

Sell Online Courses

If you unable to make your own ebook then you no need to worry about it because you can sell others ebook and book on your blog and make money 

There are so many ebook stores available in the online like an amazon ebook store in the form where you can get them an easly online course and add in your blog or sell them you will get a commission from their products to sell.

It just likes affiliate marketing when somebody buys an online course from your referral links then you will get the commission

6. Selling Own Services and Product

Selling Own Services and Product

You can be a blogger as well as web developer, designer, expert or you can have any other talent. You can also make that talent your own way of earning from blogging.

 Because I have seen many bloggers here who apart from blogs, they have more talent such as a dancer, a singer and a digital marketing expert, they take money to teach and tell their service and talent to others. Because this is also a good way to earn money from a blog

For example, in addition to being a blogger, you can also be a web developer, designer, blogging expert, and you can also get hourly money for these services.

  • You can charge per hour for your services.
  • You can do Website Designing and Development
  • You can Optimize website for the clients
  • You can help for the new bloggers
  • You can promote companies products
  • You can SEO for the other companies website.
  • You can run a paid advertisement for the clients

If you have any extra skills, then you can offer it for service on your blog. Nowadays people are looking for such people so that they can learn some technical things online so that they can increase their skills and earn good money, and by selling their services like this, people are earning a lot of money today.

7. Freelancing


Freelance is the best work for making money online. In the freelance, you no need to blog and website if you have a blog or website then well and good for you. You need on a computer and internet connection or start your freelance work. Whichever field you are master of. you can do freelance work from anywhere.

There are so many websites are available in the online world like – freelancer.com and upword etc. jus you need to open your account and find your category or start work freelance 

Here so many types of work of freelance 

  • Website Design 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Photoshop Work
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Video Editing…etc

lots of work available for the freelance worker if they want to do work in part-time. But my favorite work in content writing.

There are many bloggers who earn money by not writing their own blog and writing content for other big bloggers. On many companies and websites that have up to $ 300 to $500 to quality content.

There are 2 major benefits of this, one, you will not have any tension about the blog and secondly, you will also have the experience of blogging.

Apart from content writing, as a freelancer, you can also get paid by helping other bloggers in optimizing, ad placement, design issues.

These are the methods of making money from blogging which are used the most and which earn the most. 


If you are a blogger so that you have 100 of the source to generate income online. But which I told you some point of earning this is the awesome techniques to earn lots of revenue from your blog.

if you want to rank your blog in google search engine so you should know about keyword this is the major thing in the SEO and optimization your blog read the post what is keyword and what is the backlinks. They have a big hand to promote any blog or website.

I hope you like the post which I mention about 7 things of earning a source with the blog. If you have any question about these things you can do comment on this post I will try to give you a better solution for your doubts.

So please like and share this blog to other people who want to earn online money from blogging because so many bloggers are currently struggling for generating income form the blogging. I hope you will do.

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