If you have a blog and website also want to display it on your search engine, then you need to search engine submission sites, which allows your publication to be indexed faster. Before listing the list of search engine submission sites, I must explain why this is important. Worldwide, about 70% of web traffic comes from a search engine and other sources such as social media.

search engine submission sites

Thus, throughout the world, the entire community hangs around various search engines and searches for their queries and their search engine retrieves the results of these specific queries. Do you know how the search engine retrieves your page from the user for the specified query?

I will explain it in a moment.

When posting content, be sure to do SEO on your page, but how?

Here you can understand deeply to what is SEO techniques and how to do it for the highest rank in the search engine.

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It is time to publish and present the search engine. First, let me tell you how the search engine works.

How does the work Search engine 

If you have read the previous article, you have already understood how the search engine works.

There are three tasks to complete.

Website Crawling

Each search engine has a bot, commonly called a bot, that analyzes all submitted web pages and determines the quality of content based on keywords.

Here you can read and understand deeply about what is keyword and keyword density

The crawler also crawls all links on the same page and indexes them by keywords. This is why users create a Backlinks to another website.


Whenever the robot crosses various web pages, it starts indexing your web page based on the keywords analyzed and stores them somewhere in the database.

Therefore, in the future, if someone searches for a specific keyword, the search engine will return it based on index pages.

The indexing status in the database depends on various factors that Google has not publicly announced.


Although any user searches for a specific query in the search engine, the website has already been registered to correspond to the database keyword.

So he would search for them on a sequentially indexed website. But for all this to happen, the first thing to do is to submit to the search engines. There are various ways to submit a site to search engines. Some of them are presented individually and some help you to submit together.

Always try, as part of post-publication and web submission strategy, to use some of the search engine pages below as a guaranteed submission. Indirectly, it gives a positive signal to the most in-demand search engine, Google, to push it to the forefront.

To index a website I am going to share 20 lists of various High PR search engine submission sites List here.

Search Engine Submission List

  1. https://search.google.com/search-console/welcome
  2. https://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster
  3. http://zhanzhang.baidu.com/sitesubmit/index
  4. http://webmaster.yandex.com/addurl.xml
  5. https://www.activesearchresults.com/addwebsite.php
  6. http://www.gigablast.com/addurl
  7. https://www.similarsites.com/addyourwebsite
  8. https://www.anoox.com/add_for_indexing_free.php
  9. https://www.entireweb.com/
  10. https://www.similarsitesearch.com/webmaster/
  11. http://www.exactseek.com/add.html
  12. http://search.sonicrun.com/freelisting
  13. http://mastermoz.com/register.php
  14. http://www.infotiger.com/addurl.html
  15. https://www.intelseek.com/add_url_form.asp
  16. http://search.sonicrun.com/freelisting
  17. https://viesearch.com/submit
  18. https://www.freewebsubmission.com/
  19. https://www.entireweb.com/free_submission/
  20. http://pingomatic.com/

Conclusion of Search Engine Submission Site List

Search engine submission is very important for quickly index your web page and websites. Especially if your website publishes content about the current state of news or hot topics.

After publishing each publication, be sure to submit your website to multiple lists of Google, Bing and search engine submission sites.

In addition, simply pingomatic pinging will help to place your web pages much earlier.

Not only the search engine but also tries to submit a free directory submission to the website. entire web and FreeWeb will help you accumulate everything at the same time.

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