Article Submission is a very powerful off-page SEO technique. Dofollow Article submission sites list is high authority article directories that allow users to submit unique and useful articles to the directory by you.

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Now you are thinking “how important is article submission for your site and blogger”?

Article Submission sites list

Well, let me tell you that these high-PR article submission sites allow users to publish their article with embedded links.

Once you have created a list of free and quick approval article submission sites, your broadcast will be indexed within minutes, as search engine bots regularly visit these dofollow article submission sites.

This will help you drive traffic and create high-quality dofollow backlinks to your sites or blogger.

What is Article Submission

The article posting is the best way to create quality upstream links for your website. Apart from this, you can also grow your account community. A list of quick approval article submissions like Ezine Article, ArticleBD, Apsense will get you good traffic per month. Besides, it helps improve the ranking of keywords. To benefit from this, the content of your article must be unique and recent, because specific and recent content in the Google index is very fast.

Without a doubt, article submission for a website has become an essential part of the SEO Framework, if you want to be in the top position in the search engine rankings. so you have to create backlinks for your website is a major factor that helps determine your site’s ranking in addition to page referring.

Therefore, to get the backlink for your website it is very useful to put links on high PR article submission sites that you want to promote on the Internet. Each link is considered a vote for your website, but the link must be created with high page rank on the website. Submitting articles is a great way to get high-quality links and increase your visibility on the web

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Advantages of Article Submission

  •      Create backlinks on your website
  •      You can get a relevant link to your website with targeted keywords
  •      It helps improve your brand’s presence.
  •      It helps drive traffic to your site
  •      Better ranking of your site in search engine results
  •      This will be useful for creating lifelong links on your website.
  •      It is one of the effective internet marketing strategies that make content an essential part of backlinks
  •      This is a powerful way in which money is not spent and you promote your brand.
  •      This is a new and improved advertising and promotion method that encourages visitors to browse your site.

Here, I have put together a list of free instant flash approved article submission sites in 2019 from where you can get huge traffic to your blog/site.

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20 Articleted.com4
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29 Linkworld.us3