If you are concerned about page ranking, definitely you should look for Best SEO Techniques or Type of SEO. As it is a major part of the Google search engine ranking factor.

This time, everyone creates their website or blog to highlight their ideas and attract users’ attention, but its main goal is to remain in the top 10 best results on Google.

Best SEO Techniques

As the survey states, about 60% of clicks on the top 10 results will go to the first page of the ranking, 36% will click to the second page, and 4% will be split between the remaining search queries.

If we will browse web search results, then about 70% of all traffic comes from search engines and 30% from different sources.

So how do you rank your pages on search engines? The answer is through SEO.

So that your content is more than you need, then I will explain to you everything about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

First of all, you have to know what is SEO or how does work it?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO “search engine optimization”, a process or technique that every content creator or every company has a website uses to make its web page search engine user-friendly and easy to use.

These techniques will help your page achieve organic search in many competitive results.

About 60% of global search traffic comes from Google. Thus, each person adapts their content according to ranking criteria and tries to gain the first position.

Suppose, if you did a search on Google “Query what is the best SEO techniques,” Google gives well-optimized results around that keyword.

If you see a search query in Google, look at about 74,200,000 results and only 10 of those 10 pages are in the first place.

But why only these 10 pages?

The answer is that, simply because they are SEO friendly, these pages have allowed Google to find them more easily.

I hope you very well understand the idea of SEO, but there is still a lot to learn. Before knowing the types of SEO, do you know how Google works?

How does work Google Seo

How does work Google Seo

As I said before, about 60% of organic traffic comes from Google. It is a widely used search engine compared to Bing, Yahoo, etc.

So if you search a search term in Google which Google checks around 200 settings to find the best content for its user.

Nobody knows what these are, but all are limited somewhere in SEO.

Google has a crawler that typically accesses and indexes each web page based on content quality, relevance, and other metrics.

Finding high-quality content is not an easy task, as there are many pages of good quality, with millions of results, but surpassing others is a very delicate task for Google.

So Google has set some parameters to get the ranking of the page higher than the other and two of them are explained below.

Domain and Page Authority

Domain and Page Authority refer to DA and PA. This is the number assigned to each site between 1 and 100 and the number of valuable digits is higher.

Ideally, Google has not officially announced any such parameters, but MOZ plans to test the quality of each web page or website based on various parameters.

If higher, the authority will have more chances to increase its rank in the search engine.

Google checks the authenticity and quality of each web page close to the same settings and improves them in search results.

Backlinks for SEO

Backlinks help Google understand the quality of your page. Backlink, where many websites return your web pages for good quality content.

This sends a very strong signal to Google, indicating that you are possibly the best choice for the search query.

Ultimately, Google aims to share good quality results for all and the best search results for users. Therefore, if high authority sites are pointing to your site for any reason, your page will be truly trustworthy.

I hope you have understood how Google works and what factors are important for Google to get your page across.

Now, DA-PA and Backlink are both parts of SEO, let’s learn more about SEO types and techniques.

What is the Best SEO Techniques

As we learned, to rank a page in Google, you need search engine optimization.

As part of SEO, you should apply different techniques and these techniques are classified into three types.

White hat SEO

White Hat SEO is a technique that helps your website to grow slowly. This is the most valid and recommended way to do SEO.

This will help your website to grow slowly and the result will be visible for a long time and the ranking of the search will remain the same for a long time.

All On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO referencing should follow Google’s standard guidelines and avoid the process of creating spam links.

Read deeply about What is on-page optimization in SEO for Beginners

You should optimize your pages according to the rules specified by Google and follow the instructions defined by the Google algorithm to check for SERP factors.

  • Create target keywords according to On-page SEO.
  • Create Backlink on an official website.
  • Use other rules defined in Google’s guidelines.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing in content.
  • Try to attend a guest post with

While doing Seo, take the above points, it all comes under White Hat Seo.

Black Hat SEO

If you are trying to do SEO to find flaws in search engine guidelines or against guidelines, consider Blackhat SEO.

By doing this, in some cases, your website will be rank for a short period of time, but with new search engine updates, which usually happen several times a year, your ranking will be dropped or in some cases, you will be exposed to SERP results. Is excluded.

Not all these methods are recommended for SEO.

Do you know what Black Hat Seo is all about?

Let me tell you something.

  • Create backlinks on the Spammy website.
  • Including keywords in a written message.
  • Pay for site traffic.
  • Use paid links to point to your website
  • duplicate content copied from another website
  • Use other materials by rotating them.
  • Invisible text and hidden hypertext.

All the above techniques fall under the Black Hat SEO. But sometimes quick promotion requires getting quick traffic to the website, especially in case of business.

So the solution is another technique we called Gray Hat Seo.

Gray Hat SEO

This is an intermediate solution between the White Hat Seo and the Black Hat Seo, which extends the White Hat Seo slightly, but not too much to restrict it.

If you have a professional website that needs immediate promotion for a newly launched product, then an intensive ranking strategy in SERP will be required.

So, here are the best ways to do this.

  • Increase Keyword Density on Website
  • Create multiple backlinks on a separate website and quickly index them.
  • Click bat to attract readers with specific content to read.

This is called a Gray Hat SEO technique and it is generally recommended to use only white hat SEO.

All these techniques are part of SEO types and every page on and off-page is done keeping in mind these techniques so that they have the advantage of being systematically categorized.


Search engine optimization is the key to ranking your SERP results, but doing so is the most difficult.

ON-Page SEO is easy to learn and implement, but the hardest part is OFF-Page SEO it is very difficult to do because in the off-page it is time taken process and you have to create good backlinks for your website.

We learned SEO techniques and the most recommended method is to use

Never visit such spammy website to create backlinks, otherwise, it would be worse than doing nothing.

On an outsourcing platform like Fiverr, some people sell for such backlinks, but it is advisable not to participate.

Here, in this guide, we learned How many types of SEO and the techniques used to implement this SEO, but the key is to find the right keywords. Do you know how to search by keyword?

Here is a guide to keyword research using Google Keyword Planner tool, which is provided by Google it is a google free product for keyword searching and this is a very helpful tool in the SEO keyword research I recommend to you. You should use at least one time definitely you like it this tool will help you 10 tips in using free tools to find less competitive keywords to rank in SERP.

Read we explain about Why the Importance of Keywords in SEO

This is the end of the ultimate guide for SEO types and you have learned what is SEO and techniques

Share your thoughts on what is best SEO techniques and what your views are about the ranking of your page. and do not forget share and comment on our PURAADigital Comment Box thanks for visit here

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