Hello friends, in our previous post we asked all of you what is Google AMP? Full information was told about it. In this post, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of AMP. If you want to use AMP in your blog, then definitely read this post first. This will make it absolutely clear whether you should use AMP in the blog?

Advantages and Disadvantages of AMP

According to Google, if a site takes 3 seconds or more time to load, then 40% of people leave from that site. If you have been using the internet for a long time, then there was a time with you when the site which was loading in 1 second was loaded in 10 seconds. The situation has changed a little bit now, but there are still many towns and villages where people are worried about the slow internet connection.

In today’s time, 70% of internet users use internet-only from mobile. Because earlier the features which were on the computer or laptop are almost still found in the android phone. People manage social networking and their business from their android phone. Google gets the most credit behind all this.

Mobile users are paying more attention to computer users. Because Google gets the most traffic from mobile-only. You will see that Google regularly launches new features for its mobile users.

Google introduced AMP in February itself. If you have read our previous post (What is Google AMP? Full Information) then you will be aware of the amp and you will not even need to tell about it. But we still try to tell you in the short below. If you want to know about it from the details, then read the earlier post.


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Amp is a project that loads any site quickly and shows instant results. When an amp is enabled in a site, its look is very simple and removes unnecessary contents from its site and automatically starts to show. AMP-enabled site loads very fast and we have tested it by using it in a blog.

There are many benefits to using AMP. First of all, the loading speed of the site is fast and due to this, there is a lot of chances of increasing the mobile ranking signal. Apart from this, there are many advantages to using it. There are also some disadvantages to using it, which you might not know.

We are going to talk about the pros and cons of using AMP in this post. With which you will know about the advantages and disadvantages of amp and you will be able to easily decide whether you should use the amp in the blog or not?

Google AMP Advantages (Pros)

Here Some list of Advantages and disadvantages of AMP (Accelerate Mobile Page)

Google AMP Advantages (Pros)

1-Website Load Time

First of all, using AMP will speed up the loading speed of the blog. You all will know that the biggest reason behind launching Google’s AMP was that the loading speed of that site or webpage was very high. Google says that using AMP will speed up your site’s loading speed by 80%. You will be aware that after enabling the amp, additional content and scripts are removed from your site and the amp JavaScript, HTML and Google amp cache are used.

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2. Increase Mobile Ranking:

Some people think that AMP is only a part of Google ranking factor but this is wrong. I agree that by using an amp, your site can get a better position in Google SERPs. The reason for this is that by using AMP the site loading speed is fast and ready for the mobile-first index. This increases the mobile search ranking and when someone searches from mobile, then their site shows in a good position.

3. Improves Server Performance:

If your site is getting the most traffic from mobile, then the amp will prove very beneficial for you. Because it reduces the server load of your site and helps to improve its performance.

4. Better Position on SERPs:

If you want to get maximum traffic from the search engine in your blog, then your site will have to be placed in a good position in the search engine. This will show your blog post-top position in Google SERPs. When you use AMP, your post will be indexed in a better position. When your post somehow starts indexing in a better position in Google SERPs, then the chances of getting click on it are very high.

5. Reduce Bounce Rate:

You know that when the visitor visits a site and his loading speed is very slow, then he leaves immediately from that site. The bounce rate of the site whose loading speed will be slow will be more than 50%. This means that visitors will definitely have some trouble after coming to that site and that is why they do not spend much time on your site.

When the loading speed of your site will be fast then visitors will spend maximum time on your site. The traffic on your site will start increasing gradually.

6. Increase CTR

If you want to get maximum traffic from the search engine in your blog, then your site will have to be placed in a good position in the search engine. This will show your blog post-top position in Google SERPs. When you use AMP, your post will be indexed in a better position. When your post somehow starts indexing in a better position in Google SERPs, then the chances of getting click on it are very high.

7. Remove Extra Content and Script:

When you enable the amp in the site, the extra contents and scripts are automatically removed from there and the site loads fastly. Let me tell you that you can use the extra javascript code in the amp and also cannot use the high-level CSS code.

8. Easy to Understand:

You must know that the amp has its own HTML tags. And amp pages are designed very simple. In AMP pages, readers are more easy to read and understand. In this, the use of slow loading codes like CSS, javascript is negligible.

9. A free CDN:

Just like we have already said above that if you use low-quality hosting and the traffic in the blog is very high, then use the amp. Because of amp 3 stores your site’s data in Google amp cache. When someone opens it in amp version then google is loaded from amp cache itself. Which does not affect your site hosting 4. So google amp cache became a kind of CDN.

10. Traffic is growing:

At last, we have also tried using the amp for a few days in one of our sites to take experience. With this, help is found in increasing the search ranking of the blog. Gradually the traffic of the site also starts to increase. Because after a few days when someone searches from the mobile on google, there is an amp icon under your site and the chances of them clicking on the amp are more than 60%.

Google AMP Disadvantages (Cons)

Google AMP Advantages (Pros)

1. Ad revenue is reduced:

The biggest disadvantage of using AMP is that it will reduce earning greatly. When you use the amp, you cannot show too many ads in it. In this, you cannot use ad networks of different types. So if you want to earn money from your blog then forget the amp.

2. Analytics is a bit stripped:

AMP supports Google Analytics but requires a slightly different type of tag. This tag has to be added to all the amp pages of your blog. And add analytics code to all the pages one by one, it will take a lot of time.

3. Not Showing Extra Content 

All of you will know that after using the amp, the extra content gets hidden from the site and the scripts are deleted. Such as sidebar, header bar, extra widget area, 2 column layout, we lose all these features from our site. Apart from this, you also cannot use extra and wasteful widgets.

4. Difficult to Enable AMP:

I am aware that many WordPress users may be thinking that the WordPress blog can easily configure the amp through the plugin. But just using the amp in WordPress and blogger is easy and configuring amp for a custom website is very difficult. For this, every page of the site has to be edited and add amp Html tags to it.

Why Do you Need AMP

Now we tell you in the last that if your site has fast loading speed and you want to use amp then you will not get any benefit. Conversely, you will be at a disadvantage. So at first do you think you need it? Only then move forward.


After reading this post, you must have known what are the advantages and disadvantages of AMP. After this, you can easily decide whether you should use the amp or not. If you too have used the amp, share your expansions in the comments with us.

If you have any queries about Google AMP so you can ask us from the comment box we will give you a better answer for your query. And you feel this post is useful for you so you can share this post to anybody who wants to increase website loading speed. Thanks for reading.

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